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Donation gives your affiliate annual payment to affiliate members you are in a role, we received 51 weeks of membership fees per year. One week a year, contributions are paid to you to thank you for spreading the word and bringing new members. Through e-mails or connections to them as friends or family. Each person you hire will receive a one-week annual subscription. Directly. From your affiliate, right into your bank account. If you recruit 100 members in a year on your birthday, you will receive a one-week subscription for each. Each of your affiliate members uses your affiliate login number. And each year, while they are still members. That's going to be an automatic system. But you should register as an Affiliate Member. Help spread money worldwide. Yes, access to exclusive content on the MJ HSA website, including articles, videos. Content to show how the engine applies to all areas of our lives, how you can make use of it in your lives.  Joining the family of Brothers and sisters around the world starting in the United Kingdom to develop and improve humanity

Thanks for donating every week.


Private Membership and Private Club protects you and us with NDA signed up with your email address confirming. It consists of exclusive private membership and an exclusive private club. Isolation from the public sector, government and lobbyists and their control methods, Control of information media, Control of your health, Control of your finances.    This enables us to speak the truth.    And not powder-coated to protect political science from anything.    Thus, you will receive true news without manipulating corrupted by greed. Tell you the truth so that you have a strong foundation on which to build your life; listen to your news in your region, on the website of the private club. Give everyone a chance to start anew, to promote information for the betterment of society. Give you, and what you think, the opportunity for public discussion in written form, as if you were a member of the House of Lords, for this is the public speaking in the house of private club membership and answer each other’s questions, developing the laws of nature to make the changes that are needed. Membership in a private club will make the company better. I'm giving you the private key to open the private gates.    The MJ HSA brand is rooted in the truth, however painful it may be.    We'll provide, as a matter of fact.    We're using new technology.    MJ produces electricity and generates forward momentum, which is far superior to modern technology.    We are more knowledgeable about pollution and devastating diseases. We also know how to stop these diseases from happening (look at you have cancer). As we found the key to pollution and disease at both the cell and atomic levels.    We pledge to advance this technology with the love of MJ for all of you.    We want to extend that membership to as many people as possible in private worldwide.    If you are a member of this club, you will receive the health benefits and utilize the technology on bending the scientific breakthrough Blockbuster.    It will be impossible for non-members to access the technology.    The members we have provided to you to support our members in achieving health and prosperity.

Will be instrumental in further developing technology for humanity and nature.    Our principal aim is only to strengthen character and society with a higher understanding, knowledge and education.  Therefore, I'll lean towards saving lives and saving your health with all our products and services. MJ has authored numerous articles to protect you from tyranny, highlighting that we do not live in a perfect society.    Now I expect everyone to be on an equal playing field as brothers and sisters with love for each other. Use your knowledge and experience of your personal life to share them with others to better nature and humanity.    We hope to bring you a more financially viable future with our love for you through advice from this website.    We want to see people smiling on the streets again.    So thank you for joining, and I hope this is the best thing you've ever done for yourself and your friends and family.

Your family registration will help you finance the next phase of the journey and provide you with access to production first.


The MJ HSA family members will help you break down the chains that bind you to corruption and manipulation. We'll break the shackles together. By giving the private club voice within the private club that we can all share and improve our knowledge together, utilising the loophole in the law to circumvent around and cut through the red tape. And sidestep corruption that has been in bed into our society through politics and manipulated puppet's control, we will design and redevelop our own private tribunal of law to improve nature and humanity.

Would you be able to ensure some domestic security and place it on your private property window?    Prevent any undesirable intrusion.    Rank as privately owned.    Have a sticker on your privately owned automobile.    Will safeguard your vehicle.    The reason will be throughout the information on the website because we found a loophole in the paperwork.                                We will tell you how to and show you how to in the membership.


We can do all this without violence, street protests, and disturbance to the public sector, as this will all be done privately. And those who don’t know will never know until it is too late. We have the power and the direction to help you.


As we gather momentum, we will be looking for highly skilled professional people. If this is you, there could be an opportunity for you to work with this company?

Thank you for becoming a member, and thank you for your support and faith.

Thank you for becoming a brother or sister. Thank you from MJ with unconditional love.

[caption id="attachment_1735" align="alignnone" width="300"]The holy logo, seal approval of MJ logo guaranteed the brand of the global sustainability Health nature humanity. With sustainable energy propulsion technology. The holy logo, seal approval of the MJ logo guaranteed the brand of the global sustainability Health nature humanity. With sustainable energy propulsion technology.[/caption]

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